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The Ergodicity Problem in Economics

Why could Expected Utility Theory be based on a flawed underlying model by ignoring Behavioural Economics?

24/03/2021 | Posted in: Investment & Finance → | Read the article

How government spending can be an effective way to escape recessions: Pompeo Pontone’s point of view

Quoting a work published by Regis Barnichon, Davide Debortoli, and Christian Matthes on “Economic Letter” (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco), “A key to designing fiscal policy‧‧‧

11/03/2021 | Read the article

Modern Monetary Policy Tools in “ample” reserve framework

The definition of Monetary Policy can be summarised as “ the policy adopted by the monetary authority of a nation to control either the interest rate payable for very short-term borrowing (borrowing by‧‧‧

15/08/2020 | Posted in: Investment & Finance → | Read the article

A new type of monopoly is emerging in our Tech era

Quoting a recent article by Owen Williams: “Apple’s control over its app ecosystem is a new type of monopoly that’s hard to understand for lawmakers, and difficult‧‧‧

06/07/2020 | Posted in: Computer Science - Data Science & Technology → | Read the article

IMF 2020 WEO in summary and my thoughts on the markets

The IMF has recently published its World Economic Outlook, based on the data available at the time of April 2020. The decline in global activity due to‧‧‧

03/07/2020 | Posted in: Investment & Finance → | Read the article

Why a Dual Mandate is Wrong for Monetary Policy

“For the Fed to lend directly to the Treasury, to government agencies, or even to private entities that the Treasury otherwise would have to fund through the‧‧‧

08/06/2020 | Posted in: Investment & Finance → | Read the article

Support Vector Machines

Support vector machine is another simple algorithm that every machine learning expert should have in his/her arsenal. Support vector machine is highly preferred by many as it‧‧‧

16/05/2020 | Posted in: Video Links → | Read the article
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