As an Investment Consultant and Specialist, Pompeo Pontone is a Professional Investor with 25 years’ experience in the fields of Investment Management, Quantitative Finance & Derivatives Trading and Data Science.

About Me

With over 25 years of experience in the world of finance, Pompeo Pontone is a professional investment specialist in the fields of Investment Management and Capital Markets. Thanks to his skills in financial economics, quantitative finance, econometrics, and stochastic modelling, he specialised over time in portfolio optimisation techniques and financial derivatives trading and developed professional interests in Data Science, FinTech and Private Equity.

Pompeo Pontone graduated with top honours in Economics from Bocconi University in Milan and continued his studies at Birkbeck College, University of London, where he received his Master of Science (MSc) in Finance (Quantitative Finance). He completed the postgraduate course “Mathematical Finance: Contingent Claims Pricing in Continuous Time” – Prof. Helyette Geman (MIT), held at University of Florence.

After his first professional experience in 1995 as Research Analyst at Stone & McCarthy Research Associates in London, he worked as a Fixed Income Analyst at the Financial and Economic Research Department of Credito Italiano (known today as UniCredit), where he was co-author of several publications, including “The Italian Treasury Bond Guide” and “Investment Strategies: Financial Newsletter”.

In 1998 he was appointed Vice President and Senior Fund Manager at Pioneer Investments (known today as Amundi-Pioneer), a Dublin based firm specialized in the management of investment funds. From 1999 to 2001 he served as Director – CoHead of Corporate Bonds & Credit Portfolios at Intesa Asset Management (known today as Eurizon-Intesa San Paolo). Between 2001 and 2010, Pompeo Pontone held top management positions in leading financial institutions. After holding the position of Managing Director – Head of Corporate Bonds & Credit Derivatives at Fineco Asset Management from 2001 to 2002, he was Managing Director – Head of Corporate Bonds & Credit Derivatives Proprietary Trading at BMPS Bank in London. He held this position until 2010, when he was appointed Managing Director – Head of Alternative Investments and Asset Management at ALTIAM – Amstel Securities LLP. In 2011 he worked as Senior Financial Advisor at Method Investments & Advisory Ltd. He currently works as an Investor and Investment Specialist with a focus in Quantitative Finance, FinTech, Data Science, Private Equity.

Pompeo Pontone is also skilled in Computer Programming (Java-Python) and he has professional interests in the fields of Information Technology, Cyber Security and Computer Science. He speaks English and Italian with full professional proficiency, Spanish with professional working proficiency, French and Thai with elementary proficiency. Pompeo Pontone is a PADI Certified Dive Master and he holds a Day Skipper (Sail & Motor) License by RYA.


In an era marked by the pervasive influence of the digital revolution across all aspects of society, the dissemination of knowledge has reached unprecedented levels. Yet, true protagonists in this era are those who exhibit a fervent commitment to study, deepen their understanding, and actively engage with this transformative phenomenon. Regrettably, those who lack the innate hunger for knowledge often find themselves navigating through an overwhelming sea of inconsistent and unreliable information, perpetuating a culture of superficiality and semblance of knowledge devoid of rigor and validated scientific methodologies.

Pompeo Pontone firmly believes in the moral imperative of acquiring and disseminating validated knowledge in all its forms. His greatest satisfaction lies in mastering complex subjects and conveying them comprehensibly to individuals lacking the necessary tools for comprehension. Success across diverse domains demands unwavering dedication, competence, professionalism, and an insatiable thirst for learning the unknown. Furthermore, discipline, self-control, and self-awareness, coupled with a holistic understanding of our surroundings, contribute significantly to personal equilibrium.

Pompeo Pontone’s relentless pursuit of knowledge extends to both physical and intellectual disciplines. His approach aligns closely with the age-old adage, “Mens sana in corpore sano,” emphasizing the inseparable connection between a healthy mind and a healthy body.


Among the defining characteristics of human nature, the paramount skill stands as the capacity to acquire knowledge and impart it to others. Whether it entails the elucidation of a novel scientific theory or the dissemination of techniques to pursue one’s passions, the art of learning and teaching stands as a cornerstone of our human essence.


Mathematics, often regarded as a universal language, plays an indispensable role in unraveling the intricacies of what we commonly refer to as Nature. It serves as the means to formalize and meticulously represent chaos, elucidating phenomena that elude comprehension through natural languages. Mathematics, indeed, stands as humanity’s most profound gift, enabling the illusion of mastery over the “governing dynamics” of the natural world.


The interplay of mind, body, and the encompassing environment constitutes essential elements in the perpetual quest for equilibrium and symmetry. This enduring pursuit serves as an ongoing challenge that facilitates the holistic expression of the human essence.


The pursuit of goals is frequently an endeavor powered by individual determination. The challenge, however, lies in expanding its communal engagement. Collaborating on a shared goal enables one to become an integral part of a collective endeavor, forging a sense of purpose and direction for personal achievement.

My passions

Pompeo Pontone seamlessly integrates his work and passions, finding synergy between them. His primary focus centers on the continuous enrichment and update of his knowledge in areas such as Financial Economics, Mathematics, Quantitative Finance, Computer Science, and Data Science. He harnesses this expertise both for professional application and for the purpose of imparting knowledge to both experts and novices in these fields.

Additionally, Pompeo Pontone holds certifications as a PADI Dive Master and he is a certified Skipper in both sail and motor vessels. His profound love for the ocean is manifested through explorations of exotic dive sites worldwide, and he actively promotes the art of diving to others.

Motivated by an unwavering pursuit of harmony and symmetry, Pompeo Pontone engages in martial arts, specifically Wing Chun and Muay Thai, along with a dedicated meditation practice to foster personal equilibrium. Furthermore, he actively participates in interior design projects, providing a tangible expression of his concept of order and beauty.